Our components are up to two
times thicker, heavier, and denser in critical areas than others for strength you can depend on.  Brackets  and fittings support tubing better,  providing a more solid and stable  application.

Our high quality alloys and metals result in more precisely formed fittings for  a better fit and a look that architects and designers prefer.


better quality equals better value

rendered sneezeguard
Brackets  (Select Options and Click "Add to Basket" for Pricing)
2"OD Combination Bracket
2"OD Floor Bracket

2"OD Bar Bracket

2"OD Swing Leg Bracket

2"OD Pegasus Bracket
2"OD Contemporary Bracket

2"OD Griffin Bracket
2"OD Arm Rail Bracket

Custom  finishes for foot rail kits
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Oil-Rubbed Bronze Satin Copper Antique Brass Antique Brass Antique Copper Antique Bronze Polished Copper American Pewter
Powder Coat